Tony White

Managing Director, AVW Business Consulting

Tony White is a global expert in the field of franchise brand expansion Tony brings a depth of experience having developed the Gloria Jean’s Coffees brand for 10 years acrossboth developed and developing markets. Tony together with his team were responsible for recruiting, developing and operating a master franchise modelthat saw the brand expand into 42 markets and grow to 800+ stores. Make sure you join in to hear how Gloria Jean’s Coffees expansion started off as a master franchisee in Australia, grew exponentially and bought out the USA franchisor (yes the child bought the parent) and expanded from 7 to 42 markets in a 10 year period and eventually sold the brand for a 10x multiple.

Tony has also led several other global brands including The Coffee Club with over 400 stores in 7 markets, and has owned, operated and sold his own businesses. As a seasoned entrepreneur he has been on both sides of the franchise fence … as franchisee and franchisor Tony brings a unique experience to the Indian SME entrepreneur having lived and worked in India for 12 years (2002-2014) working closely with Gaurav and Sachin Marya consulting and expanding numerous local and global brands in India. He understands (and loves) India and “gets” how unique the Indian consumer is and what it takes to expand both locally and how to take a local brand into global markets.

Together with his wife, Tony established his own NGO in India serving the disadvantaged poor setting up a home for girls and being integrally involved in an English Medium school for marginalised poor in Dehra Dun. Tony currently resides in Australia, is an author, business coach and speaker and heads up his own management consulting firm AVW Business Consulting.